Mark 3:5

The Emotions of Jesus


Read: Mark 3:5



Mark brings Jesus’ emotional life into focus. As Jesus looks over the audience, He feels a range of emotions. First, He’s angry, then He’s sorrowful. Initially, He’s angered by the Pharisees’ theological knit-picking. The next instant, He’s grieved. A man is about to be made whole and their hearts will remain shriveled. 

Jesus was not the sweet, doughy-eyed, otherworldly mystic. No. He was real, raw and unafraid to express emotions. He was free of human opinion and lived with unstoppable courage and unparalleled authenticity.

When He cleansed the temple, He was full of blazing anger. He shouted, “Get these out of here!” as He overturned tables. He also showed great compassion when He said forgive thy neighbor “. . . seventy times seven.” It was the Lamb of God who said, “. . . learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.” 

On that day in the synagogue, the compassion Jesus felt was different than our superficial emotions of pity or sympathy. His heart was torn, His gut was wrenched, His heart went out to all that stood there that day. This is no stained glass. Jesus is not a Jesus fit for greeting cards. This is Jesus unfiltered. If you let the real Jesus into your life, you will feel what He feels, for Jesus is full of emotion. 

How do feel about this Jesus? Self-conscious? Do your insecurities seize you up and make you care more about the opinion of others? Defensive? Do you feel the need to make Jesus look good in the sight of others? Jesus was astonished, angered, grieved, tired and hungry. He experienced and expressed the range of human emotions. When God stepped into this world, He took on the human condition, down to every emotion we have felt.

For many, uncensored emotions can be troubling. Yet emotions are neither good nor bad, they are indicators of what’s going on within us. What we do with them will determine if we live honestly or deceitfully, but when submitted to a life of faith, they honor the heart of God.



Dear Jesus, let my heart be moved by what moves your heart.