Mark 3:11

Here and Now


Read: Mark 3:11



Jesus repeatedly ministers by healings and exorcisms. He chose disciples to become involved in His ministry as well, to proclaim the arrival of God’s dominion and to bring it in by word and deed. 

The New Testament does not say that someday Jesus will be Lord, it says that He is Lord. The long hoped-for Kingdom is a pressing reality here and now. The Gospels tell us that during His earthly ministry, Jesus fed the hungry; defended the poor and outcast; healed the sick; raised the dead; comforted the sorrowful; forgave sinners and gave them a new start in life. He demonstrated His power over evil spirits that possessed and destroyed the bodies, minds and souls of people. 

For the first Christians, Jesus’ acts of compassion for outsiders and miracles were more than signs of care. They were signs that the loving and just rule of God on earth was not only something to be expected in the distant future, but something that was happening before the very eyes of those who encounter Him. For His followers, Jesus’ death and resurrection were confirming signs of His kingdom bringing life. Both in the earthly and risen Jesus, God’s will was and is being done on earth, as it is in heaven. In Jesus, God’s kingdom has already come and is made real in all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

As His disciples, we are not to sit by and wait and do nothing until the end of the world. We are not here just to run the clock out. We are here because Christ has risen and His power is stronger than the powers of sin and evil. If we believe the cross cancelled the power of sin and evil and Christ has risen, then we must confidently throw ourselves into the fight against evil in our own lives and the world around us, knowing we do not fight alone, but with one who is stronger than all the forces within and without. As His disciples, we do not fight for victory, we fight from it.



Today don’t be a spectator or a procrastinator, instead be a participator in bringing His Kingdom into the spaces and places of your life.