Mark 3:1-6

Stretch Out!


Read: Mark 3:1-6



Mark Chapter Two closes with “The Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Notice the word “even” here. The Son of Man says He is Lord even of the Sabbath. His use of the word shows us He’s not just Lord of one thing, but of all things. Had the Pharisees had their way because of their strict adherence to the law, they would have let the man with the withered hand remain in his condition. But Jesus says, I care for my followers “even” on the Sabbath. Here in Mark 3:1-6, we see the Lord carried out His ministry by caring for the relief of suffering instead of rituals and religion.

There is a word picture here for us as His disciples, in the man with a withered hand. The hand is a member of the body. As believers, we are members of the community of Christ. The Lord would do anything for the well-being of His members. Sabbath or no Sabbath, the Lord is interested in the health of the body. Even the part like the hand which has quit working. He says to the man “stretch out your hand,” he stretched it out and his hand was restored. In the Lord’s word there is enlivening, emancipating life. 

What happens when life withers, dreams fade, hope falls through the cracks and we come face to face with our own condition? We take the next step as we hear Jesus say, “stretch out” the things that have stopped working, the shriveled, the collapsed. As soon as we do, life and power comes. The work of Jesus comes after we stretch out to Him. As we do, He does the impossible.



Has part of your spiritual life withered? Have you been believing that things will never be good again? Can you hear the Spirit of the Lord say to you, “stretch out your hand”? Give Him the part that’s quit working. Don’t hold back, don’t wait for things to change, stretch yourself out to Him. Today receive His ministry.