Mark 2:28

Rest Is a Four Letter Word


Read: Mark 2:28


Reflect :

In Jesus’ day the Sabbath had become a symbol of the end-time peace that God would one day provide for His people. Jesus healing and ministering on the Sabbath was a deliberately scandalous act. For Jesus, the Sabbath was to give people relief from what ails and wearies them. The Pharisees missed that the One who had the power and authority to bring rest, was standing in their midst.


There is an external rest and an internal rest. While we have days off internally, we live cluttered, agitated, anxious lives.  Sabbath happened, in the beginning, at the end of creation when all was in order and God rested until the fall. Sin breaks down rest. God got up and did something about it, He sent Jesus to restore rest to the heart. 


Many think of rest as passivity, neglect and outright laziness. Rest is a difficult task.  We can’t vacation without our phones and lap-tops nearby. Most see rest as something to be done in the afterlife. It’s little wonder so many believers live in opposition to rest when that is exactly what Jesus promised to give to His disciples. We are called to a place of rest today. To rest is to trust Him, to express His life through us. Experiencing rest requires a new mindset for most people.


The life of Jesus gives us rest. From Sin: no matter our color, or place in life, we all have it. He frees us from the sin we were born into and the ones that keep us up at night. From Guilt: it’s the source of arguments, hypertension, anger, and disease. The finished work of Jesus lets us find rest from our guilt. From Pride: its presence is hidden but it’s a powerful force. We will continually go to any lengths to look good, put others down or take credit for other’s ideas. He became what we are, so we could be what He is. From Burdens: the ones you carry and the ones placed on you by others. For us to enter His rest, Jesus gave us one thing to do, just believe.



Dear Heavenly Father, I choose to rest in You, from this day forward, I will trust You to live through me.