Mark 2:14-15

Get Over Yourself


Read: Mark 2:14-15


Reflect :

Levi was a custom official who worked the bridges, canals and roads. This office enabled a tremendous amount of extortion and corruption. Levi worked in Capernaum, and one of the commodities he regularly taxed was fish. He was despised by former fishermen Simon, Andrew, Jacob and John, who were also disciples of Jesus.

This is stunning. How quickly you forget you are no better than the rest. Are you offended by who Jesus loves? Does it irritate you that Jesus doesn’t play favorites? Get over yourself! His love is not reserved for the super spiritual, the academics, hooded monks, and the fearless, confident and tearless. Jesus’ love is not just for gated communities. Jesus’ love is scandalous, indiscriminate and promiscuous. He loves the bent, the bruised, the burdened, the used, and the burnt up, the burnt out, the inconsistent and unsteady, as well as, the disciple who’s willing to admit they don’t have it all together. And even YOU. 

Levi arranged a banquet to celebrate his call to discipleship and Jesus attends. There He is hanging out with notable sinners and harlots. We think the gospel belongs to the proper and the pious, but Jesus would rather be banqueting with the bad.

The basis of this shindig of dregs is forgiveness; it’s what allowed sinners to come into the presence of someone like Jesus. We are told that many of these sorts of people followed Jesus, so His disciples must have looked like a motley crew, the addicted and abused, the notable and notorious. You would’ve fit right in.



For a few moments take off your spiritual cosmetics and free yourself to receive His love and forgiveness.