Mark 1:15


Mark 1:15



The Kingdom of God (rule of God in the hearts of men & society) is near because God IS here. The community of God lives by repentance and faith. Repentance without faith is just self-improvement and faith without repentance is just religion; both are necessary. Jesus came declaring "repent and believe!" You can be sure if Jesus began His ministry among us today He would begin with repentance.  He would call us to belief. He would call us to cease from our adulteries, repent from our materialism, renounce our gossip and jealousies, and reject our false ways, etc. And He would do it with urgency. There is a radical “now” to Jesus’ preaching. Now is the time to repent and believe. How would He speak to you? Would he say "I’d like you to just consider this" or "Hey it's up to you, do what you want." If He called out loudly "repent!" how would you respond? Would you fall flat on your face? Have you repented? Is there a constant spirit of repentance? Now is the time to assess your accounts with God. How does your life reflect the strength of your belief?



Lord I am mindful that the depth of my repentance is measured by my dependence on you. Refine me daily! I long for a deeper, richer relationship with You. Press into my soul and let me hear the rhythm of Your heartbeat!