Mark 1:35

The Way of Prayer



Mark 1:35  


Reflect :

Though Hs ministry is only a few days old Jesus slips out of town while it was still dark to a remote place where he enjoyed communion of spirit with His father and He prays. Jesus prays. He prays for direction for the journey before him, one which will end at the cross. He prays, for His disciples and the temptations they will encounter. He prays for the lost that their hearts would turn to the Father,. He prays because He's dependent on God . We are to live our life on the same basis. Jesus lived by prayer and so must we. Many believe they are so in tune that all of life is a prayer but that's just mulling things over. Until we exceed the oneness of Christ with the father we need to pray seriously and regularly. Mark affirmsJesus had strategic times of prayer at crucial junctures and crisis moments. At the beginning of His ministry (1:35), the middle of His ministry (8:6) and finally in the garden (14:35). Jesus’ remarkable ministry was preceded by prayer. Prayer is a necessity for life. Without it our ministry to others will be powerless.     



Spend some uninterrupted unhindered time in prayer .