Mark 1:14


Mark 1:14



The coming of the kingdom was Jesus’ central theme in the gospel. Between verse 1 and 14 the word “gospel” is used twice. Both have different meanings. The first is the gospel about Jesus, the second is what Jesus preaches about God. This gospel announces an event, the redemptive reign of God, which is now breaking into human history. In Jesus, God intervenes powerfully in human affairs to achieve His unfailing purposes to overcome evil, deliver people from its power and bring them into God’s reign. God has come near, so near that Mark believes you can touch Him through Jesus. The future created by God is no longer a flickering far-off hope in the distance but is here, now, in, and through His son. Before Jesus people were in darkness unable to find their way, subject to the shadow of death. Christ came preaching and people saw a great light like the dawn of day. If we believe Jesus’ reign is for another day and another time in history we postpone experiencing His ministry in our lives. We cannot sit passively by and be blasé about the announcement of God’s rule and reign. Such a reality requires a decisive decision to surrender your heart, live an intentional life and submit to His reign.



Ask the Lord to give you a vision of His kingdom here on earth. Listen and wait for your heart and mind to become keenly aware of His present reign.