Mark 1:41

I Will



Mark 1:41



News of Jesus power reached the isolated huts of the lepers. One of them filled with desperate hope pushed his way through the crowd while shouting “Unclean! Unclean!” The leper laid himself before Jesus, a mass of rotting flesh; his diseased body was going through a living death. The leper knew how bad off he was. The spiritual reality of this encounter is we are all spiritual lepers. Can you see your own leprosy? The leper had a reasonable hesitation created by a lifetime of rejection, but he reached toward Jesus. Can you see Jesus smiling at the timid trembling face of the leper and hear him say “of course I will”? I will is His word to you and me through all the ages. When did He ever refuse to help a trusting sufferer? But there are two wills that must meet, one is as necessary as the other. The Will of God must be answered by the will of faith. Faith is an act, not an emotion or feeling. We have to go through two experiences in our spiritual life. First, to lay down our will in submission to God and then to take it up again in sync with His will. The two must come together, God wills it, and I will it. We dare to believe because God has dared to bestow.



Does this speak to you? Is this the weak place in your spiritual life? Listen as He speaks to you today, “I will, will you”?