Mark 1:40-45

What Does Jesus Say?



Mark 1:40-45 



These verses describe everything we’ve come to expect from Jesus. He is “moved with compassion.” We take heart because there is someone who compassionately feels the effects of sin on our life.  But then in verse 43 everything changes, Jesus scolds the man then drives him away. Is this the Jesus you expect, one who expresses compassion and anger? The real Jesus is both deeply moved by our predicament and angered by the enemy who caused sin-sick death to His world. Jesus is not angry with the man, or with us. Although we teeter on a tightrope between being recipients of His anger or love. If you could see the face of Jesus what would His expression say, “when are you going to get it together?” “How much longer do I have to deal with your problems?” or would it say “I’ve looked on you and loved you for all of eternity, I’m with you, I understand.” Jesus goes willingly further; He reaches out and touches the leper, placing His hand on rotting flesh. Jesus in the incarnation took on flesh and became sin for us and gave us His purity. He loves you. The result is instant and complete forgiveness. Can you hear the man shouting “I’m clean, I’m clean”? This is what Jesus can do for us in an instant.



Do you honestly believe that God loves you? What answer do you hear in your heart? Can you hear Jesus saying I love you and I like you?