Mark 1:39

Traveling With Jesus



Mark 1:39



“And so he traveled …” For us and for the early disciples, Jesus will always be walking a few steps ahead of us. The journey of faith is like that, with new truth to learn, new skills to develop, new experiences to go through, and new closeness to God.


As we follow Jesus through the pages of Mark, we will be called to follow a path that’s dangerous and often troubling. He calls us to break from our confinements of comfort, and embark with risky freedom on His mission. There is tension in the text, and in the disciple’s life. Traveling with Jesus doesn’t always take us through pleasant country.


And our insecurities can cause us to procrastinate traveling with Jesus, we struggle because we focus too much on what we may lose by following.


Making the trek with the Master will require from us openness, vulnerability and compassion. For many the price is too high and they will not go along with Him. So they stop. To stand still while He is calling us to grow and go is hard-heartedness and a deep lack of trust. The church today is filled with burned-out people and broken ministries born of fear and resistance to God’s will. Lives equipped with dreams of helping others but stopped short of trusting and going with Jesus. Get going! Do not delay your obedience one more day.



Lord, forgive me where I have drawn back in my obedience. I release the reasons I’ve had that have stagnated my journey with You. I willingly follow on and follow forward.