Mark 1:35-38

Are You Attracted to Jesus?



Mark 1:35-38



The crowds were growing, as well as His popularity, because of His healings. When the masses returned to the house in expectation of finding Jesus, He was gone. Jesus might have succumbed to the seductive appeal of instant success and unbounded popularity, but He didn’t. The disciples plead “all are seeking for you” which means, “what are You doing here in solitude when You could be in the midst of the multitudes who are asking for You?” The crowd was gathering because of what Jesus could do for them.


But Jesus would have none of it. He responds to his disciples “let’s go somewhere else.”  Jesus’ answer is stunning, that’s what he intends. All of his miracles and exorcisms were not mere side shows but were done to reveal the nature of His kingdom and to call others to repentance.


Are you seeking Jesus because of how He makes you feel or because of what He can do for you? Anytime our sole motivation in following Jesus is attraction to His work, we set ourselves up to eventually defect from Him. Jesus has no need for your affection and attention without first having your allegiance. Jesus is not looking for fans but repentant disciples. Jesus has no interest in pleasing you. But seeks to confront you with a decision of the claim He has on your life.



Today contemplate the silence you feel between you and Jesus, is it because you are attracted to Him but not attached to Him?