Mark 1:35

The Secret Place



Mark 1:35



The heart of the Father was Jesus’ secret place, a strong protective place where God was near. Jesus went to renew, restore and rekindle trust, and experience the love of the Father. The Father alone understood Him. In times of opposition, rejection, hatred and danger He returned to the place where He was loved by the Father.


When the Pharisees plotted to destroy Him, when the crowd pointed their allegiance elsewhere, when one disciple denied Him and another delivered Him into the hands of the executioners. Nothing could remove Jesus from His Father’s love.


No matter what went on around Him, Jesus never lost sight of what it meant to be His Father’s Son, Servant and Beloved. Nothing could pull His identity from Him. His time in the secret place constantly reinforced the love of God, to the point that His identity was intact and determined His impact.


As disciples we must always keep returning to the love of the Father, keeping constant contact with Him. Nothing, not people, projects or programs and possessions must interfere with us proclaiming the good news of eternal life. Help others find a life filled with love and freedom found only in the love of the Father.



Lord Jesus because of Your great love I am not consumed by circumstances or the opinion of others.  Give mercy today to live like I am loved by You. Today I focus my heart on my identity in You.