Mark 1:28-31

The Reflex Of A Loving Heart


Mark 1:28-31        



Peters’ house was a short eight-three foot walk down a narrow alley from the synagogue. Peters Mother- in- law is there. She is running a high fever. Peter asked Jesus to heal her. Without a word Jesus natural instinctive reflex of sympathetic love took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Jesus extended hand speaks volumes of how much He loves and how willing He is to move in our circumstances. The Lord cured her of her fever and gave her new energy to serve. What keeps you from asking Jesus to work in your situations? Do you believe your circumstances are inevitable? Or that God is allowing it for a reason? Do you feel that you are just getting what you deserve?  Perhaps you are searching for a hidden lesson God has for you to learn. These are clever ideas we use to shield ourselves from the risky act of asking Jesus to heal us . Have you ever considered by not asking you have surrendered Gods desired outcome. Reject your excuses and vain reasons and yield to the One who stands in your midst with His hand stretched our ready and able to restore.



Let go of your limiting thoughts. Make your request known to Him. See Him with His hands stretched out.