Mark 1:24

Freedom Bringer



Mark 1:24   



Reflect :

Jesus’ powerful acts are often unsettling. It’s no accident that Jesus first acts are in the synagogue and on the Sabbath. It's the way of Jesus to start a work of freedom by invading the scared spaces of our life. Notice that Jesus is teaching and is interrupted by the demon possessed man. It's the way of the enemy to try to cut the flow of truth off from our life. This is the first miracle in the gospel, to make sure we know that Jesus has come to destroy the strangle hold of the enemy. This is not an singular event the demon screams " you have come to destroy us." Jesus’ attack is on the whole realm of evil.  . The point is hard to miss. The rule of God is about vanquishing the rule of the enemy and setting people free, from evil and the ungodly infirmities they inflict on people. Wherever the kingdom of God is, the hostile force of evil is coming to an end. Sadly, Jesus is often more committed to our freedom than we are .We get used to our undisturbed sacred spaces where the flesh can do as it pleases. When Jesus invades our territory there is a battle. Though the possessed man does not speak, Jesus is fighting for his freedom. He fights for us when we don't want him to and he fights for us when we can't fight for ourselves.




Thank you Jesus that you are my warrior-kin