Mark 1:17

Fully Following



Mark 1:17



The phrase "fisher of men" is not a clever marketing line Jesus used to make the mission stick. It's taken from (Jerimiah 16:16) it's a metaphor for gathering people for judgment . Jesus calls disciples to the fathers business of the gospel. As a fisher of men we should not forget what happens to the fish. When a fish is hooked it has fatal consequences, it's yanked out of its old environment , life cannot go on as before. This image fits the transforming power of Gods rule that brings judgment and death to the old, yet promises a new creation. Jesus call has the same effect on His disciples. At Jesus’   call their world had changed, their hearts were enlarged to take on the whole world. Because they followed they became theologians, thinkers, sociologist, psychologist and strategist, all because the gospel ..We live in our small world of preference until the gospel reels us in.  Responding to His call to follow eliminates the trivial and expands our hearts. Without following Him we would still be swimming around with our little dreams and thoughts and would never had our eyes opened to the world around us.



Today He calls you to believe, do you believe? He calls you to repent, do you repent? He calls to follow, are you following?