Mark 1:16-18


Mark 1:16-18



Jesus began preaching before he chose the twelve. They were privileged to become a part of His ministry just as we are. Peter is the first disciple we meet. He and his brother Andrew are casting their nets into the sea. However this is not the first time they have met (see John 1:40-42). Their "immediate" response involved time. Salvation happens in an instant but developing as a disciple takes time; as it did for these men. In the first phase, the disciples were with Him four months then went home while their thoughts became conviction. Jesus then called them to follow Him, a ten month period while leaving their families and careers behind. Finally, a twenty month period prepared them to disciple others. The result of this process was their willingness to give up everything – even their lives. Ten of the twelve would die a martyr’s death. The call to follow has to do with being made into servants of Christ. Every competing ambition, desire and outlook is transformed into one single focus, Jesus alone. In following Jesus we never get to choose how we will be used or where we will serve, only that we are willing to follow wherever He leads. Be aware of trying to determine your own destiny as a disciple.



Determine today to follow His call to be totally His, without conditions, limitations or fear of serving in ways that make you uncomfortable.