Mark 1:15

Read: Mark 1:15



Mark presents Jesus as one who must cast truth like a stone through a plate glass window. Jesus had no time to mince words or soft pedal the gospel. The time had come for God’s saving activity to break into the midst of His people. Jesus preached about the heart of God and what His kingdom was like. The response to His preaching? All were coming to Him, scripture says in John 3:26. Jesus lifted up God the Father to His listeners. We, as followers, are to lift up Jesus to others. His passion was to bring others into the kingdom. As result He encountered heartbreak, disillusionment and tribulation. The secret of Jesus’ preaching was that He never lost contact with his Father. We are to continually behold presence of God.  It's the only way to live faithfully in this world and the only way to display the gospel to others. The secret of our life is to stay in tune with God at all times. Where are you today? Are you in step with your career but out of step with His spirit? Are you in touch with your doubts and joys but out of touch with the heart-beat of God?



Still your mind and heart from the day’s activities and demands. Now think of Jesus standing before you. Can you see His crown of thrones, His nail scared hands? His eyes of compassion. Become aware of being motivated by presence.