Mark 1:14


Mark 1:14



John was arrested and eventually put to death by King Herod. Herod feared John’s influence over the masses. John was a good man, a man of virtue, righteousness and purity before God. The growing crowd of John’s listeners responding to the call of readiness for the coming Messiah were a threat to Herod. Besides political reasons, Herod had also heard John’s message and knew he was accountable for the way he was living. John’s words challenged Herod’s insecurities, leadership, and secret moral indiscretions. He was a stubborn man. Rather than admitting his wrongful ways and repenting, he slew the one who called him to repentance. The instinct of our flesh is to fight against God’s call to holiness. Our flesh will fight for every last breath to have its way, instead of surrendering to God’s ways. Are you putting to death the gentle call of the Spirit to repent? Has your heart grown increasingly hard to God’s voice? It's a frightening thing to live a spiritually “tone-deaf” life. No disciple will ever become like Jesus as long as there are parts of our life that we are saying no to God, either blatantly or complacently.



Is there an area you have said no to God? Take a moment to sit quietly. Invite the Spirit to let your heart feel the way He feels about an area of stubbornness and begin to cultivate a repentant heart.