Mark 1:23-29

The Battle Is On


Mark 1:23-29  



It should be no surprise that what comes next is a supernatural confrontation with a demon possessed man, in the church no less. Jesus’ presence and authority provokes a response from the demonic. Jesus knew there was evil on the earth. There is an enemy that seeks to estrange us from God. This diabolical force attempts to thwart Gods purpose by twisting and maiming human life and alienating  us from God. The man in the synagogue is in need of deliverance, that can only come out by devine intervention. What once evaded Gods control can do so no longer, it must submit to the greater power of Jesus. Just as the unclean spirit controls the man the Holy Spirit controls Jesus. The one who preaches the gospel of God is the holy one of God and when the holy and the unclean meet there is no contest. Jesus unleashesthe spirit of God and immediately disarms the unclean spirit. This incident shows us that we are not in the battle alone. The kingdom of God has come and the enemies realm is being routed. Jesus doesn't just announce the kingdom of God he actualizes it in the lives of individuals through His ministry. Jesus never lost His faith in God or doubted the goodness of God because of the hurting He saw. Neither are we to sit passively by,  instead we are to identify with His overcoming power and be assured He has overcome the world.



Dear Jesus before I take one more step I'm reminded, " that on this world you will have trouble but take courage for I have overcome the world." John 10:13