Mark 1:38

Resignation or Risk



Mark 1:38



Mark’s gospel shows how Jesus regularly moved from place to place, which stresses the urgency of His message about the kingdom of God and His desire to accomplish all God had called Him to do. Jesus never played it safe.


Security is always a temptation that stands off against risk. Yet, in the purpose of God, the move is always forward through the open doors into wider horizons. Christians who have stopped growing and going are in a most miserable condition. They clog up churches with undue caution and infect the bonds of Christ with their own frustrations. They are purveyors of paralysis by analysis and create strangulation by rules and regulation. Always sniping at the church, while staying on the periphery.


Thankfully, Jesus never sought a life of ease or comfort in the opinions of others. He chose risk over security. He moves forward not knowing if He will meet the rejection of Nazareth or the fame of Capernaum in the next town down the road, but to fulfill the purpose for which He came, He goes on.


Have you stopped the process of discipleship because you got comfortable? As disciples there must be a break from the gravitational pull of the status-quo, a resistance to magnetic voices who call us to a life of ease and safety. We must resolutely move forward in Jesus’ mission to extend and establish the kingdom of God. And live with reckless release.



Have you stalled in your faith? Today shake off the lethargy and apathy and determine to live on mission even if it’s uncomfortable.