Mark 1:19-20


Mark 1:19-20



Further down the rocky shore of Galilee, James and John, hearing the call, leave their father and hired servants to follow Jesus. As they followed Him they would gain heaven, be delivered of sin, and be used to preach, heal, and serve. But that was not the focus Jesus had for them. Jesus called them away to incarnate His ways through them. To do this the disciples would have to give up their old ways and surrender to His way of doing things. They would be with Jesus on His road to crucifixion. They too would have to go through their own crucifixion. They would have to die to self-interest, the idea of their own usefulness, and their over-inflated opinions of themselves. Every disciple goes through the same crisis. We have to let go of the pride of our heart, love of possessions, and personal ambitions. When we think we are at the end of ourselves He will ask us to surrender something else. Make a decision to follow Him even when it means being stripped of yourself. Jesus will then prepare you to serve as He served. What comes through you is the very nature of Jesus himself. Every disciple has to recklessly abandon their comfort, totally surrender their heart and separate themselves for one pursuit to follow Him.



Lord, show me what it personally means to truly follow you, to be made one with You. Illuminate what might be holding me back!