Mark 1:22-23

It’s About To Get Real


Mark 1:22-23  



Mark records the response of the ones who had heard him speak. They were astonished. They had never heard anything like Jesus. How do they describe the uniqueness of Jesus teaching? One word. Authority. This is not a reference to Jesus oratory skills but to His supernatural authority. While the scribes offered only high minded ethical ideas, Jesus teachings were accompanied by action. The people saw He had power to do something about their situations. Jesus comes as one with the authority of God to; dismantle the work of the evil one, disarm evil spirits, deliver people from sin as well as demons and disease. Jesus’ ministry was not one of resignation but revolt. Revolting against the cruel tyranny of the world ruler, that was oppressing Gods people. He was about seeking to give back to people and to win back for His father what the enemy had stolen. He was about restoring humanity and empowering people to live life in his kingdom. It's a wonder how believers today can read the gospels, while committing to follow Him, yet never seriously consider that Jesus has authority over our sin, struggles, sickness, secrets and scars. We too easily accept as " the way things are"  instead of living by holy revolt and a holy rage. With Jesus things do not have to remain the same.



God give me the grace to not settle for the things you came to deliver me from. You came to oppose and overthrow that which is working against your will in my life.