1 Thessalonians 1:9-10



Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10


Reflect :

All of us should have responsive hearts as the Thessalonians did. They had turned from sin and were looking for Jesus’ return. We should break ties with our old, selfish ways of living and be fervent in our service, because the time here is short and we should make use of every moment to bring others to Jesus.


The proclamation of the kingdom was born from the urgency in the heart of Jesus. It was crucial that He bring the good news of the gospel of grace so that people would realize how loved they really are, how their lives would be forever transformed and a new kingdom would spring into being. We are privileged to share in the intimacy of Jesus with his Father. We are called to live and celebrate the same freedom that made Jesus so attractive and authentic.


As we have studied in our series on Mark, we see the same fervency in the four men that day who brought their friend to Jesus, they moved with a sense of urgency. They were not detoured by the masses of people at the building in which Jesus was preaching, nor the roof that separated them from the Savior. With resolve, they picked up their paralyzed friend, placed him on an old bed roll and pushed through the crowd, then dug through the roof-top and lowered their friend to Jesus. These men were sympathetic, cooperative and showed originality and perseverance. The paralyzed man would not have been healed by Jesus had the four men not gotten involved.


The startling truth is there are people in our lives who will not get to Jesus unless we get involved and take them to Jesus. As His disciples, we have to have an unrelenting attitude which says I will not stop until I get them to Jesus. Mark’s gospel includes the story of the paralyzed man as a reminder that sin stiffens us out, separates us from God. There are hindrances in bringing others to Jesus. Who do you know that is paralyzed in their faith either because they had a horrible experience in church, or they became bogged down by sin and just never seemed to get traction to move forward?


We have given away our responsibility as disciples and witnesses to YouTube preachers. We cannot waste one more day while the freeing love of Jesus burns white hot. Get in on the carrying of others to Jesus. Pick up a mat and get involved.



Make a list of the people in your life who need to be brought to Jesus. Now go get them.