1 Thessalonians 1:7-8

Exposing Jesus


Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:7-8



Unlike the Pharisees, who called attention to themselves, the Thessalonians made Jesus known through their testimony to such a degree that everyone on the Greek peninsula heard of the life and power of Jesus.


Every generation tends to shape Jesus into their own image by giving Him a make-over to make Him more attractive. In a war, He's a rescue squad; in the hospital, He's the painkiller; on exam day, He is a problem-solver. Christianity, in Western culture, thinks of Him as a clean-shaven conservative, while other cultures think of Him as a bearded revolutionary.


The same tendency exists today. We dress Jesus up – as a heavenly blessing dispenser, a permissible parent, a hip poet, a jolly ole granddad, a justice advocate. Our every attempt to define God results in an image of a small powerless deity. He is more than we can create.


The astonishingly attractive truth is that Jesus embodies for us the love of the Father. Jesus is the revealer that we are loved in an incomparable way. That the Father loves us, even when we fail to love, is the good news. God is love and we are called into an intimate friendship with the eternal God – to have personal dialogue with the Holy One. Jesus is God’s word to the world saying "see how I love you." Jesus' love doesn't need to be dressed up. All we need to do as disciples is expose the beauty of Jesus, His love will do the rest.



Before you do one more thing today, take a moment and answer these questions, “Is Jesus beautiful to you? Do others experience his beauty through you?”