1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

One Sentence


Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10



In life, context is everything. We understand ourselves in relation to others, our environment. It's the way we get our bearings and become oriented and find balance. Shopping malls understand context. The mall directory provides a store map, along with a red star placed in the exact spot the reader is standing, which reads "You are here." The map and the star will help us find our way from and to where we want to go.


God’s pen men, the writers of scripture, knew context was everything. For you and me, the readers, good reading of scripture begins with context. It’s all about context, context, context.


Most likely your Bible has numbers by each verse obscuring the fact that the entire first chapter, in its original form, is one single run-on sentence linked together by a series of statements. Knowing this simple fact gives a simple, but important, insight.


One sentence tells the story of a church who accepted, without reservation, and were changed by the life, love, death and resurrection of Jesus. The church at Thessalonica bore the signature of Jesus


Every change in a person’s life grows out of a change of the context of his or her life. The person who accepts Jesus’ life and teaching as the master vision of reality, changes the way they view the world, other people and themselves.


No matter if your past was one where you were loved well, or knew nothing but a loveless existence, both are changed by a leap into the love of God. People who are changed by the furious love of Jesus have a sentence spring from their heart, "Come and see the man who told me everything about me." or "I was blind now I see."



What's your one sentence? How would you express the story God has written through you? Your sentence should have a single theme and express how you found God and where you are today. Then do these steps: get a pad and pen, pray. Think about your life and how you have come to know God. Discover the theme. What one word comes to mind? Now write what comes to mind. Once you have discovered your sentence, share it with someone.