1 Thessalonians 1:1

The Beauty of Jesus


Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:1



The church at Thessalonica was made up of Gentiles who had turned from idols to God, and Jews who, recognizing their Messiah, turned and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Each of these groups of believers had entered into the liberating life of Jesus.


In other words, if one looked at Jesus, one saw God. Jesus is the complete expression of God. When one met Him, one was met, judged and saved by God. In Jesus was the Word of God, the life, death and resurrection. When others got close to Him they experienced God at work.


Jesus revealed God by being completely transparent. What was once cloaked in mystery is now clear in Jesus – that God is love.


We don't know when, but at some point in Jesus’ human journey, there was a moment when He was seized by the power of great affection. He experienced the love of the Father in His earthly state in a way that burst all previous boundaries of understanding. From that point on, Jesus’ life was one of deepening intimacy with His Heavenly Father. His encounter with the love and tenderness of God was so intense, so decisive that it drove Him to leave home and follow the call of God, to take His Father’s life to others.


Without staying open to the love of God, we become immune to Jesus, His word and the Gospel. We are no longer stirred by the staggering, breathtaking message that Jesus is God and in Him is the fullness of God’s love. If all we have to offer the world are abstract ideas about morality, then we don't have anything to offer. The call of the disciple is to expose the beauty of Jesus. What we have to offer is God’s Son, the very embodiment of the love of God.



How long has it been since you have been stirred by the beauty of God’s love and, more specifically, His love for you. Have you experienced His love for yourself?