Mark 1:11


Mark 1:11




All who are present at Jesus’ baptism stand in awe, the gates of heaven open and the Father’s first words, "You are my Son, in You I am well pleased." (Psalm 2:7)  "I take delight in You" is a paraphrase from Isaiah 42:1 which begins a passage directed at the Suffering Servant. In Isaiah these ominous words are spoken to the One who would suffer for our sin and God’s sake. But at the same time they are words that every son and daughter longs to hear from their father. Above all others these are the words Jesus needed to hear from his Father at the outset of his ministry. If you have never heard these words from your earthly father hear them now. God is well pleased with you!




If you are a parent...

Make it a point this week to write an email, send a text or make a phone call and tell your child that you love them unconditionally and are proud of them. Remind them that they can never lose your love!


If you are a son or daughter...

Take a moment to remind yourself that God loves you completely, deeply, truly, madly; that you are fully forgiven, totally acceptable, fully pleasing and unconditionally loved by God himself.