Mark 1:6-7


Mark 1:6-7



John’s clothing and food indicated frugality and separation from worldly interests. His dress was characteristic of the prophets; particularly Elijah whom John resembled in other respects such as eating locusts - tolerated as food only by the poorest. He wanted to differentiate from the nobility of the day. John’s testimony centered on the One mightier than I who was at hand, and whose baptism would be not with water but with the Holy Spirit. He is introducing a new means of spiritual power, the Holy Spirit. John’s water baptism message was preparatory in light of Jesus baptizing with the Holy Spirit; a process by which the entire person is transformed by the Spirit’s power. Jesus is more powerful and John preaches. John will see great things happen; Jesus will see greater things. John stays true to his call. Yet, Jesus will surpass John in humility, and John remains faithful. John didn't get caught up in comparison or worry about losing his fan base; he just served in his calling. Are you willing to serve in that way? Even if the outward appearance of that service seems miniscule? Open your mind to the extraordinary – which might be a small seed that eventually produces a vineyard!



Dear Jesus, loosen me up! Help me break out of my comfort zone and remain open to Your moment by moment calling to serve. Destroy any pride in me. Help me to live my life in abandonment to You and Your Kingdom!