Mark 2:7




Mark 2:7



This opening scene shows us that Jesus has been sent to bring healing to a broken world. And to reveal what the kingdom of God promises for a fallen world. During Jesus’ day it was widely believed that one’s suffering was because of their sin, but Jesus didn't buy into that. Jesus believed there is a connection between the fallen state of the world and what afflicts each of us; that God’s will is for man’s wholeness, in every aspect of his being. He had no doubt that sickness belongs to the enemy, whom He is ousting from power.


Living in fleshy unbelief leads us to ask the wrong questions about our suffering, "Who did this to me?" "Why did God allow this to happen?" We become stuck in building a theology on our disappointment instead of His life. We become intellectual skeptics rather than trusting disciples.


Jesus’ healing works changes the questions "Who is this who offers healing, forgiveness and salvation?" "What does His presence in our lives mean?" Jesus’ miracles announce there is a new future for us. He is the presence, the promise and the possibility that life can be restored. That God’s love and grace reign supreme. That we do not have to falter in our faith because there is One who fights for us.



Are you stuck in old questions? Ask the Spirit to make the presence of Jesus more real to you now than ever before.