Mark 2:5-6

The Enjoyment of Jesus


Mark 2:5-6



There Jesus stood in the little house. Suddenly dirt, branches, debris and roots began to fall on him. He looks up and sees a man being lowered towards Him. Did Jesus laugh and smile? It’s true, the gospels never mention him doing either. It's hard to believe He wouldn't have smiled when He saw the faith of those four men in action. They didn't care how they looked; they weren't embarrassed and Jesus loved every minute. Could Jesus have failed to smile when a child climbed into His arms or when He saw Zacchaeus out on a limb or when Peter put his foot in his mouth one more time? Jesus laughed when He saw something funny and smiled when He felt the love of His Father. People of all kinds were attracted to Him, the powerful, the common and the simple. It's hard to imagine that Jesus spoke the words He spoke and did the works He did with a solemn face or a stern face. Put yourself inside the house that day. Picture Jesus looking up through the hole in the roof, brushing earth and grass from his shoulders, then watch as His face creases into a smile and His whole body erupts into laughter. This kind of image of Jesus is a stretch for some disciples. We think His forgiveness is given begrudgingly, sparingly, but rather, He forgives lavishly, joyously and without condition. You don't have to convince Jesus to forgive you, He already has.




When you think of Jesus, do you imagine Him enjoying being with you and taking delight at spending time with you?