Mark 2:4

Make a Great Effort


Mark 2:4


Four men came carrying one of their friends on a mattress.  As they approach the impossible crowd their many attempts to get to Jesus were met with resistance. For a moment they rest, wipe the sweat from their brow and catch their breath. They pick up the stretcher, head around the side of the house, make their way up the stairs to the roof then begin digging their way through a two foot thick rooftop. There was some shouting and cracking of branches, the men had successfully gotten their friend to Jesus. Did you notice neither friends nor the paralytic spoke a word throughout this whole incident. Theirs was a visible faith shown through conduct. We do what we believe. These are not normal days. There is opposition to the saving of mankind. We must be willing to go to great lengths to get others to Jesus. We need to do some difficult out-of-the-ordinary, irregular things to bring others to Christ. To be willing to open up, tear up, dig up our neat little plans and programs and get people saved. Too many are more interested in preserving places instead of saving people.


What lengths are you willing to go to bring others to Christ? Challenge yourself today to share the gospel, even if you are uncomfortable.