Mark 2:3

What Do You Expect?



Mark 2:3



Those inside heard the shoveling and pounding as the men dug away the dirt and the branches, as they pried the roof loose. Debris began to fall on those in the house, then, there was a track of light which widened to the size of a man. Down came the paralytic on ropes held by four determined men. They really loved this man. At once the Prince and the paralytic were face to face. God was going to work in this man’s life because his friends loved him. Along with love, his friends had great faith and believed Christ could and would heal their friend. Their faith was expectant and persistent. Those who really want something go for it. Believing faith finds a way no matter what the situation. Expectant faith is always willing to break through obstacles. They believed Christ was the only way. They were persistent, creative and sacrificial.


Do we believe Jesus is the only way? Are we persistent? Are we being creative in finding ways to get others to Jesus? Are we sacrificing our comfort for the sake of others to be in the presence of Jesus? Do we love our families, friends and co-workers enough to get them to Jesus? Does our passion for Jesus create an invincible determination which will not deny the work of Jesus?



Examine your heart, are you expecting Jesus to work in your life? Have you hit a barrier in believing?