Mark 2:1-13

Directions For Disciples



Mark 2:1-13



The home where Jesus stayed was packed through the doorway, out into the street and down the alleyways, some say as many as fifteen hundred were there. Those who made up the crowd were the rich, the poor, the lame, the hungry, the persecuted, the downtrodden, the least, the last and the lost. Some were just curious, others were new disciples who hung on His every word.


If we were to take an aerial picture of this scene, we would see Mark is giving his readers, you and me, instructions. It's a word picture for all who want to rely on the mercy of God and accept His gospel. From above we could see we are to do what everyone in the crowd is doing, looking and listening.


This is the posture of a disciple. Look and listen. This is the great challenge for every disciple – to fight off distractions and concentrate on Jesus. Our attention gets pulled toward a thousand different things a day.


But, if we will center our attention on, and look and listen to Jesus, we will find that’s where life is. He is there speaking truth with warmth and compassion. Being irritable, frustrated and angry are indicators that our concentration on Jesus has been broken. No matter the circumstances keep pressing on, keep listening.



Think of your tasks today and, before you start, be determined that none of them will crowd out your concentration on Jesus.