MARK 1:9


MARK 1:9



Jesus grew up just outside the town of Galilee in a smaller town called Nazareth. It was a place of safety, an environment enabling Him to develop in wisdom and stature. He worked in the family carpenter shop learning more than just a craft…He would become the master craftsman of changing hearts. It took Jesus ten days to walk from Nazareth to the Jordan River to be baptized. As the dirt and rocks moved under His feet on the lonely path beside the river, He could have turned back from all He was about to face and return to the safety of home…it weighed heavy on His heart.


Have you ever been faced with a task you knew God wanted you to do but you were frozen with doubt?  Taking on a God sized task takes passion, perseverance and grit.


Grit is an unusual word that describes what it took for Jesus to do the will of God. We’ll need it too. Grit is the unrelenting perseverance to use every last drop of determination to start and complete the task. Grit, do you have it? Is there an unremitting resolve to launch out of your Nazareth, your place of comfort and begin to follow in the way of Jesus?



Challenge: Assign yourself a difficult task today. One which honors God, challenges your limitationsto push past your fears and believe in God’s empowering ability to help you to do what needs to be done.