MARK 1:9


MARK 1:9



There was no confusion or hesitation for John to baptize Jesus, his cousin. In a moment it was done! Jesus had submitted Himself to the Baptism of Repentance though He had nothing of which to repent. Jesus’ baptism speaks His: official beginning of public ministry, mission to bring the message of salvation to all people, coming Baptism of the Spirit for all people, and solidarity and fidelity to you.


Studying Jesus’ life experiences and reading the gospels, we can see how the events of His life are not only historical but characteristics to be reproduced in our own lives. Jesus is showing us the path to walk. He moved with purpose and urgency in God’s plan. He submitted himself to the heart of the Father. He immersed himself in the will God had for him. He died to Himself. We should aim to do the same.


Although baptism is a symbol of death, burial and resurrection, the word translated ‘dyeing a cloth’. Material baptized in a colored dye would assume the color of the dye. Jesus is identifying with us.  He is not ashamed of us, but identifies with us. We take on the same color in water baptism.  



Challenge: Before you begin your day think about the major color you are wearing and let it trigger thoughts of identifying with the heart of Jesus throughout the day.