Mark 1:5


Mark 1:5



The whole province of Judaea was affected; Jesus Himself came from Galilee (v 9). That Judaea should be so deeply stirred was a measure of the power of John’s mission. People were hungry for a Word from God - He had been silent for 400 years. They had begun to anticipate the prophesied Messiah. John had a remarkable ministry during which he performed no miracles but spoke with divine authority. He preached a message that was felt throughout the whole nation. He saw an awakening for a Savior among almost every class of people preaching to priests and Pharisees, publicans and outcasts; great and common, young and old. Many responded and became disciples. Armed only with the gospel, John spoke with words embodied in actions and seen in suffering. The gospel proclaims pardon for sin, peace for the conscience, and renewal for the whole nature; it gives life and strength. It is the good news but its more- the gospel is Jesus. As a believer in Jesus you have what John had, the Gospel!



Father, open my eyes to see and my ears to hear those things I am missing from You. Prepare my heart to take You in and quiet my soul to hear Your voice. Stir in me that same anticipation the Judeans had so I too, am hungry for Words from You.