Mark 1:4


Mark 1:4



After the prophetic messages, John’s story begins, “And so John came...baptizing…and preaching…” His entire ministry was shaped by Isaiah and Malachi’s texts. He is identified as a prophet who announces the end of the exile of God’s people and calls them to repentance in anticipation of the in-breaking of the kingdom of God. Why does Mark skip the genealogy of Jesus? Mark presents Jesus as a suffering servant, in complete humbleness and obedience. The genealogy of a servant or slave was not noteworthy of record and therefore none is recorded in Mark Since his audience was largely Roman Christians, they would have been more interested in this messenger who prepared the way than Jesus’ birth. The people of Jesus’ day would have expected a messenger to precede the arrival of any important person. John’s only desire was for his voice to be heard. John lived only to make known the coming of the Savior. What greater assignment could a follower of Christ have but to make Jesus known? As followers we don’t just carry a message, we prepare others to hear the message by the way we serve, share and speak. Let’s aim to fully display the message of Christ.



Before you start your day take a moment to think of three ways you can make Him known to others. Perhaps there is a word you could speak to someone or a simple act of service. Make it your goal today to be the message.