Mark 1:3


Mark 1:3



Here in verse 3 it’s Isaiah’s voice which Mark lets us hear. It’s the crying out of John the Baptist “prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. “ John was only the messenger. His only purpose was to prepare the way so that Jesus would find receptive room in the hearts of people.  Because of John, the path to God would no longer be a meandering path of twists and turns but a straight path that would lead to Jesus the Messiah. This is a living summons to let go of every kind of self-flattery and tendency to worldliness. It is a plea that the road we are on would be cleared of false humility along with our insatiable desire to be liked and approved of by others. Often our self -centered culture creates a selfish relationship with Jesus, one filled with ulterior motives. Every last bit of it has to be cleared away until we stand face to face with Jesus, our Lord. Too often we are more focused on bringing Jesus into our lives rather than bringing us into His.



Today, Lord, allow me to hear Your call to make my path straight so I may die to myself and look to You, Your cross and resurrection as my single hope for transformation and continual newness of life. Prick my heart to make me aware of changes I need to make. Give me ears to hear and eyes to see the things I might miss otherwise miss in order to serve You in a way that strikes a light in the darkness of this world.