Mark 1:2


Mark 1:2



Mark tells us that what we are reading the pages referring to the story of Jesus is the Good News - the Gospel. Gospel is a term for a message of victory or any other message that brings joy. The act of “gospeling” was to go up on a mountain and cry out with a loud voice.  Here in these pages Mark is proclaiming that Jesus is bringing something radically new into the world. Mark was fully aware of the nature of the gospel. He truly loved the Lord and delighted in sharing the events of things he had personally witnessed and heard while being with Jesus. As you read through Mark you’ll hear him telling of the great miracles and ministry of Jesus. Mark was conscience of the meaning of the Name that was above every other Name. Mark stands in holy awe of Jesus and cannot restrain himself from making the gospel known in the lives and hearts of others. Shouldn’t the gospel produce the same in us? This good news should continue in and through the church as well as in our lives on a daily basis. We are as it were, “unfinished pages” in the gospel story.



Dear Jesus, this day and everyday make me fully aware that I may be the only Gospel that someone will hear and see. Show me how to “display” You in my conversation, actions and character in a way that draws people to You. Pour out a vigilance in me that is the “fragrance of Christ.”