Mark 1:2


Mark 1:2



The truth of Christianity is not a doctrine but a person. In the New Testament Jesus upstages everyone else. He is not only the center of the Gospel, He is the whole Gospel. He is the Good News (Gospel). Jesus is the very content of Christianity. Before Mark introduces anyone else he introduces Jesus with two significant titles; first, Christ, meaning Anointed One. The Hebrew equivalent means Messiah. Jesus was to perform the work of redemption by being for us our prophet, priest and king. The second term, Son of Man refers to His nature. He is the Son of God because of who He is. It means Jesus has a very special relationship with God. The way a person is transformed is indeed a mystery. But when an individual comes into contact with the content of the gospel, all that is real in Jesus is made real in that person. With that, we are changed and transformed as we journey with Jesus through every season of our life.



Sit quietly and reflect. Thank God for the past victories He has given you; for how He is always near and is working on your behalf. Before you pray about your day and its demands, remember that Jesus is the content of your faith. He is your priest, petitioning to The Father on your behalf. Throughout the day, picture God seeing you through the lens of Jesus and draw on that reality. Who Jesus was as Incarnate Man, and now glorified with God, is in me – help me to call upon that power that exceeds human understanding.