Mark 1:2


Mark 1:2



The first voice in Mark’s gospel is not that of Mark or of Jesus, but Malachi the prophet who predicts the ministry of John the Baptist (the one who would come to prepare the way for Jesus). John prepared the way for Jesus by preaching repentance. Repentance was the only way people would be prepared to meet the One who was coming to forgive sins. As we follow the ministry of Jesus in Mark’s gospel we will meet men and women who come to Jesus with repentant hearts because they had been prepared by the preaching of John. Are you prepared? In your heart that is, for the work of Jesus? Have you renewed your mind and cleared out the defeating thoughts which compete against the will of God for your life? What resides in your heart? Are there instincts, ambitions, attitudes and appetites which are pulling you away from Gods heart? Keep the pathways of your heart clear so that the work of the Lord may enter without conflict or hindrance.



Dear Lord, I renounce every negative thought and every attitude that is contrary to Your heart. Please help me to be willing to step away from  any destructive behavior and turn fully to you. Give me Your strength and power to turn toward You and away from those things that lead to a life without peace and hope.  I welcome Your rule and work into my life. Help me to live my life in an atmosphere of daily repentance so that my mind is transformed and my soul is refreshed!