Mark 1:12


Mark 1:12




Baptism and wilderness are connected. One prepares us for the other. To be set apart by baptism means that a wilderness lies ahead of us. The Spirit that has descended now moves Jesus into new territory. "Immediately" Jesus is " thrown" or "cast" by the Spirit into the wilderness. At the high point of His life He goes into the desert where He is tempted. This was the first of a three round bout for the redemption of mankind: Round one, the desert; round two, His ministry; and the final round, the cross. Jesus is sent into a dark, dangerous, and challenging set of physical dangers and spiritual temptations to reestablish the kingdom of God on earth; a kingdom that would be marked by peace and righteousness.  There will be opposition in our mission too. Take confidence in knowing that Jesus resisted where we would have succumbed. Have courage, your Savior has the power to resist the enemy! Don't give into temptation to quit on what God is doing in you. Resist the urge to take the easy way out - press on, fight through it, and you will win!



Dear Jesus, I'm facing the temptation to quit. Instead of giving my attention to the impulses of giving up, help me lift my eyes above the horizon to Your greatness, faithfulness and strength. You overcame! My situation compared to You is a momentary light affliction. I surrender to the task You have set before me.