Mark 1:10


Mark 1:10



Mark’s favorite word is "immediately;" used eleven times in this chapter alone. His fast-paced, insistent language keeps Jesus’ life personal before us.  "Immediately" gives a glimpse into the way Jesus lived… intentional, focused, always on mission. His response to God’s will was immediate, demonstrating how in day-to-day living we can cultivate a sense of urgency. He used every part of His life doing the will of God. Urgency means "of pressing importance." Everything Jesus said and did was central to the success of His mission. A true sense of urgency is driven by a deep determination to see every obstacle as an opportunity. Jesus saw the hazard of the human heart and seized every moment to make it right. The enemy of urgency is complacency - being satisfied with the status quo of our relationship with Him. Another is false urgency; confusing activity for productivity, resulting in being stressed out, anxious, frustrated and angry. Jesus was never any of those things. We are capable of far more spiritually, but as long as we are content and complacent in our walk with Him we will never tap into our full capacity as disciples. Relentlessly push to purge every instinct that binds us to patterns which undermine a true sense of urgency.



Challenge: Begin to make choices to expand your capacity as a disciple. Memorize a chapter in scripture. Pray a risky prayer for someone. Put yourself in an area of service where you feel unqualified.