Mark 1:1-3


Mark 1:1-3



What’s your image of Jesus? From where was that image born? Perhaps it came from your culture. Maybe he’s a good looking blonde-headed blue eyed American or maybe he’s a poet who travels the countryside telling stories. If your picture of Jesus were to come face to face with the Jesus of the Gospels, who would win? The Jesus found in the book of Mark does not present a weak, meek or mild person, nor does Mark present anything that matches any of our preconceived images of Jesus. In the book of Mark, He’s both compassionate and angry, patient and impatient, understanding and indignant. In Mark’s gospel we should be prepared to meet a Jesus who shocks us and defies our perceptions. This was the experience of everyone who came in close contact with Him during the time He walked this earth. We should expect nothing less.



As we enter this study of the book of Mark, will you submit your preconceived notions and ideas of Jesus and ask Him to reveal Himself to you as He wants you to know Him; to reveal Himself to you in a way that you can personally understand and feel His presence.