Mark 1:1


Mark 1:1



Scripture is more than a historical document. It is that but so much more. When we read scripture, we read not just with our eyes and mind but also through listening with our heart fully engaged. Today as you read this passage see if you can hear the tone of Mark’s voice. There is a sense of excitement as he writes his opening words “the beginning.” Mark knew this phrase would remind his readers of the opening line of Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning.”  These first words of the Old Testament spoke of a new promise, a new creation, and life breaking forth. So Mark begins his gospel with that same hope. It’s the beginning of Jesus breaking into human history to make all things new. All the promises in the Old Testament concerning the coming of Jesus were only the beginning. The story has middle where we see Jesus backing up His words with action. And the story has an end as we see him creating new beginnings or new life for us which promises life eternal. 



Dear Jesus, because You are alive I admit that anything is possible. With circumstances and crisis that may look hopeless, help me to trust the fact that with You, there is always a new beginning; and always an end that brings new revelation and strength for my journey of faith.