Love Completely

It’s what we all desire, long for and seek after. There are many counterfeit forms of love. In the midst of our choices and regrets, with God's help, we break through guilt, shame and condemnation to find God is love, the whole love and nothing but the love we seek. In our scriptures and devos this week, we set aside our carefully crafted images to return to love. Read them. Pray through them and pass them on to others. 

The Sophisticated Soul

Children aren’t cute. At least not always, sometimes they can be demanding, short-tempered, sulky, squabbling, stubborn, thankless and selfish. They can be pushed aside because they are weak. 

But God works most powerfully in weakness, that’s the point of these verses. When one is little like a child, or poor in spirit, one is more open to receiving the reign of God. Children are more open to receiving gifts.