The organizations listed here are ministry partners of Church Project.

We encourage you to find a ministry that God is calling you to serve in, contact the ministry representative, and start serving, being the hands of Jesus to those in need.

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Serve and Pray

The Local Ministries listed below have ONGOING OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE within their organization and desire your consistent engagement and PRAYER SUPPORT.


Caring for abused & neglected children
Sherry McConnell

Local Community support

Provide resources for children and families
     Sheryl Alvarez & Tammie Harrell /

hope beyond bridges

Assisting the hungry and homeless
Dave Droll


Mercy House global

Empowering & discipling women in Kenya
Terrell Welch



Local support to refugees being resettled in Houston
Cat Benoit


Christian pregnancy and sexual health medical clinic
Becky Beasley Phillips


Carrying the love of Christ inside prison walls
Justin Ramsey


Local restoration services to adult victims of trafficking
Maria Papita


Meeting practical needs of senior adults 
Tyra Bevers


Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ & help them grow in their faith
Catherine Powell


Resourcing churches to support families who care for orphans
Kyle Lackey


Seeking Hope in the Lord in the midst of Infertility
Kelley & Justin Ramsey


The Local Ministries listed below are primarily RESOURCE MINISTRIES and have limited volunteer opportunities but desire your consistent PRAYER SUPPORT.

authentic manhood houston

Leading men to a life of truth, passion & purpose.
Tierce Green


Marriage coaching, events, & resources
Hans Molegraaf

People who follow Jesus give their lives away to serve others.

Jesus did that and so should those who follow Him. We are consistently investing our time, energy, talents, and finances into ministries that meet the needs of the most weak and vulnerable among us while demonstrating the love of God and sharing the message of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. 

We choose simplicity for the sake of generosity.

This enables us to collaborate with Jesus-centered ministry partners to feed the hungry, provide drink for the thirsty, shelter for the stranger, clothing for the naked, comfort for the sick, and care for prisoners. (Matthew 25:34-40)

As our giving shows where our heart is, we are compelled to be generous givers.

50% of our budget is committed outside the walls of Church Project to our community and world. Some of our ministry partnerships receive financial support, most receive volunteer support, all receive prayer support and priority access to meeting space in our building as needed.

Ministry Partnerships – Governing values:

Biblical: Ministry partners align with the truth of the Bible and directly or indirectly point people to Jesus. 

Service to others: Ministry partners follow the example of Jesus to serve others with love and humility. 

Purpose and impact: Ministry partners have a clear vision and mission and provide unique services that do not significantly overlap with other partners to increase the overall impact of Church Project support. 

Consistent communication: Ministry partners consistently communicate needs, opportunities, accomplishments, significant changes, and concerns to Church Project leadership. 

Prayerful and careful decision-making: Church Project make decisions about adding or removing partnerships through prayer, careful examination of the impact, organization, and potential reach of the ministry partner with respect to Church Project budgeted resources and collaborative input from Church Project leadership.