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Israel 2018

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Church Project will be hosting a tour to Israel in 2018.  A visit to the Holy Land is life-changing.  We’ll be visiting sites where Jesus walked, where our forefathers lived, where most of biblical history occurred and future events will take place.  

This trip is for those who are engaged at Church Project.


Why Should I Visit Israel?

A trip to the Holy Land will deepen your spiritual life.  It is significant to walk in places where Jesus walked and lived.  To sense that Jesus was in this place, where God chose to come and live on this planet, has profound impact on someone’s spiritual life.

A trip to Israel will also enhance your Bible reading.  You’ll step foot in places where Jesus performed miracles, where He taught His disciples, where the crowds followed Him.  You’ll see where Elijah battled the false prophets, where Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee, where Peter was restored on the beach, where David hid in caves from Saul.  You’ll be at the steps where Peter denied Jesus, the Mt. of Olives where Jesus prayed before He was betrayed, and see the rock where Jesus gave His life.

A trip to Israel will give you vivid imagery of the same places where much of Scripture was written about.  And, you’ll visit the Valley of Megiddo, where Scripture culminates.

Will I Be Safe?

Some wonder if safety will be an issue as you tour in Israel.  My response: I never questioned for a moment my safety in Israel.  The issue never entered my mind.  Security is superb.  In fact, statistically speaking, it is safer to travel in Israel than in many major U.S. cities.

Can I Afford It?

Traveling to Israel is expensive.  This trip is an investment in your spiritual life.  The majority of costs lie in airfare, hotel, and food fees.  Church Project has worked to streamline the cost of the trip.  And, Church Project gains zero money from the fees- all fees go directly to the travel company to cover your personal travel costs.

Dates: October 19-27, 2018


Visiting approximately 35 biblical and historical sites

4 days Galilee/northern Israel/Staying in city of Tiberias on Sea of Galilee

4 days Jerusalem/southern Israel/Staying in Jerusalem by Old City of Jerusalem

Trip Leader: Jason Shepperd, with wife Brooke

Price: You have 2 options for how you may book your trip: register for the tour and pay for the airfare separately or book as an all-inclusive package.  
     - The price without airfare is $1,950.
     - The all-inclusive trip price is $3,775.  If you book as a package, the airfare cost is usually lower.  However, you will not be able to use miles or choose your seat.  

Quotes are in per person sharing twin-bedded room in 5 star hotels. 

Price includes lodging, morning and evening meals, transportation, government licensed tour guide, all entrance fees, all service charges, all government taxes, all tips.  You will be responsible for meals en route and lunches.

Requirements/What to Bring/Itinerary: As trip nears, you will receive a list of items to bring, specific requirements, complete itinerary.  We will have an Israel preparation meeting a month or so before the trip.

Registration: Space is limited, and reservations are made well in advance of trip.  Church Project has a current, limited number of spaces reserved.  A non-refundable deposit of $750 per person is required to confirm reservation.  Spaces are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Questions: For questions, email Donna at: 

While there are some potential exceptions, we do our best to ensure that the limited availability of these trips is offered to Church Project folks. If you have found our trip through family or friends and are not a member of Church Project, please reach out to us prior to registering - we would love to get to know you!

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